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Schloss Oelber

The restored stud farm with the dreamlike castle was specially prepared for events. There are different rooms in all sizes, for every kind of celebration. From an idyllic wedding with 100 guests to an event with up to 2,000 people.

The multitude of combinable rooms is ideal, offering an inexhaustible selection for the most diverse types and sizes of events. The historical former horse stables, the rustic hayloft, the different barns or the old smithy offer a special ambience. In addition to the numerous outbuildings, there is also a beautiful park on the huge castle grounds.

General Info:

Floor space: 110 to 744 sqm
Capacity: 50 to 2. 000 persons

Celebrations indoors and outdoors possible


Rittergut 1
38271 Baddeckenstedt