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In the heart of Hanover, not far from the opera house, we have the rooms of the Kunstverein Hannover in the Künstlerhaus to offer with it‘s special flair. Founded in 1832, the Kunstverein Hannover is regarded as one of the largest and oldest in Germany and sees its tasks in exhibiting contemporary art of the new century as well as in communicating and promoting it. Of course, you and your guests can take a guided tour through the exhibition to get to know and experience the current trends in art. The rooms are ideal for Christmas parties, summer parties, conferences or seminars as well as cultural or musical events.

With the type and scope of the exhibitions currently taking place, the use of the premises in the Kunstverein will also change.

General Info:

Floor space: 74 qm, 150 qm and 200 qm
Capacity: Up to 300 persons


Sophienstraße 2
30159 Hanover